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IHSS - What is it?

I have received a lot of questions about this program lately so I decided to share a little bit about it and help those who are interested find out more informatoin about it.

In Home Supportive Services aka IHSS is a program designed to assist the elderly and people with disabilities to remain safely in their homes. IHSS is a program for Medi-Cal recipients. IHSS allows its recipients to receive care in their home from IHSS providers.

What is an IHSS provider? An IHSS provider is a person paid to provide services to and IHSS recipient. The types of services provided include domestic tasks like vacuuming, sweeping and other basic housekeeping functions, personal care like bathing and assistance with dressing, meal preparation and clean up.

An IHSS provider can be a family member who is the primary caregiver or a provider from the IHSS Registry pool.

How do become an IHSS provider? First, find the IHSS program in the county where you live. You can find this online by doing a search: Here I did a search for IHSS LA County. The link above popped up. Here you will find all the answers you need regarding this program.

If you want to be a recipient of IHSS services, the information for “consumers”, and eligibility is listed on the website or you may contact your social worker for assistance.

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The Caregiver Expert

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